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I’ve always had an interest in the dynamics of the body which lead me initially to train as a fitness instructor and an exercise to movement teacher and trained in massage over 20 years ago.  I love connecting with nature, and I love the physical practice of yoga and the subtle aspects of bringing awareness to the sensations in your body.  Yoga enables you to cultivate awareness in your everyday living.”

If I’m not doing yoga, I am researching new methods of training to bring the benefits of the most recent thinking to my classes and bodywork.   I aim to assist people to move through their day with more grace and ease and enjoying times of stillness in the mind.

My passion for India and yoga enabled me to train in a subject I love in a country I love.  Using yoga as a path to explore our inner self and awareness whilst creating a counterbalance to the stresses of modern life.

I enjoy combining the massage therapy and yoga, with a focus on the breath all working together for the wellbeing of the mind and body.  My style of yoga has an emphasis on somatic movement (focusing on bridging the gap between mind and body).

At Mantra Rooms there is a real sense of community and spirit.  I welcome different speakers, talks and workshops to bring a broad experience of well being through a variety of different styles of teaching.

We offer a range of different styles of classes including yoga with weights, resistance band work, breathing and meditation classes.

Our workshops include life coaching, guest teachers, healing, energy work and sound healing.

I have also recently qualified as a trained mindfulness meditation teacher in the Zen Buddhist tradition. Look out for our upcoming eight-week mindfulness and well-being courses.”

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Brilliant Friday Yin practice, lovely fun atmosphere definitely recommended to round the week off”


Jonathan Searle

Felt out of my comfort zone when first arriving, but was eased into it at my own pace! Highly recommend”


Aaron Barnes-Wilding

I love this place. Not only is the Yoga AMAZING, so is the massage. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It is so friendly. It's truly a lovely place xx”


Amanda Parsons

Such a lush restorative yoga session... really helped to reset and reduce stress! Highly recommend ?‍♀️ ?”


Michelle Smith

Had my first Yin Yoga class this evening. Great way to unwind, and relax into the weekend.”


Richard Senior

Just did the Yoga with weight class and it was FAB! Really friendly vibe and uber cool venue. I'll be back ♡”


Carol Cashmore

Beautiful experience - unique and enchanting venue, Debbie is a brilliant yogini.”


Carolyn Neale

Excellent classes and friendly community.”


Michèle HaddonFacebook Review

Beautiful venue, amazing classes and an incredible teacher! Cannot rate Mantra Rooms highly enough ?


Sally Bo

Beautiful venue, amazing classes and an incredible teacher! Cannot rate Mantra Rooms highly enough ?


Becci Brisland
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