Mindfulness Course with Mike Ward

We are delighted to welcome Mike back to Mantra Rooms for an eight week Mindfulness course starting on Monday 9th October at 7pm.

Mike Ward of the London & Hampshire Anxiety Clinic is providing a program of 8 mindfulness modules over 16 weeks.  These modules will introduce you to the theory, psychology and neuroscience of mindfulness practice.

Mike will facilitate the modules, engaging with you, making it fun and exciting, developing and deepening your connection to the pleasure of the full use of your senses.  You will be expanding your knowledge and practice of mindfulness, in the comfort and setting of the Mantra Rooms.  Not only the theory and diving into experiential practice, each module will gradually increase your capacity and understanding, Mike will include meditations, the psychological skills of witnessing and observing the body, thoughts, sensations, ego, sounds, judgments, compassion, love, acceptance and importantly the integration of the skills being learnt into every day situations.  Each module will be experiential learning.  There will be times of quiet contemplation, humour, intuition, new awareness, energy, empowerment and motivation, even learning new ways to change habits and behaviours.

Course costs £160 payable in advance.

To get the most out of this course you must able to commit to attending at least six of the sessions.

Course dates are

9th and 23rd October

20th November

4th and 18th December

15th and 29th January

12th February