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“I believe massage is a positive form of healing considering the whole person.  Every massage is different, every person is unique and their bodies also.  From teaching yoga, I realise the importance of individual needs within the body and I like to use my intuition to create a session for the individual, remaining aware of the whole body.  Massage can also help you to realise the subtle sensations in the deeper layers of your body.” ~ Debra Ridout

In the eastern world, massage is an intrinsic part of the culture.  Babies and children are massaged and this continues into adulthood.  Touch is healing, therapeutic, pain relieving and provides a grounding connection between mind, body and spirit.

Massage helps alleviate stress and allows the body to enter a rest and recovery mode.  Once the body realises what true relaxation feels like the mind can recreate it before stress becomes damaging.


Massage has so many benefits and these are just a few…

  • Ease muscle pain
  • Promote healing
  • Calm anxiety and depression
  • Alleviate stiffness and holding patterns in the body
  • Release toxins
  • Improve circulation and immunity
  • Reduce stress
  • Help alleviate pain
  • Increase energy
  • Improves posture


“The real purpose of giving massage is to foster more depth of feeling for one another in order to bring out the love that often lies beneath the pain of everyday suffering” ~ Robert Calvert

Brilliant Friday Yin practice, lovely fun atmosphere definitely recommended to round the week off”


Jonathan Searle

Felt out of my comfort zone when first arriving, but was eased into it at my own pace! Highly recommend”


Aaron Barnes-Wilding

I love this place. Not only is the Yoga AMAZING, so is the massage. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It is so friendly. It's truly a lovely place xx”


Amanda Parsons

Such a lush restorative yoga session... really helped to reset and reduce stress! Highly recommend ?‍♀️ ?”


Michelle Smith

Had my first Yin Yoga class this evening. Great way to unwind, and relax into the weekend.”


Richard Senior

Just did the Yoga with weight class and it was FAB! Really friendly vibe and uber cool venue. I'll be back ♡”


Carol Cashmore

Beautiful experience - unique and enchanting venue, Debbie is a brilliant yogini.”


Carolyn Neale

Excellent classes and friendly community.”


Michèle HaddonFacebook Review

Beautiful venue, amazing classes and an incredible teacher! Cannot rate Mantra Rooms highly enough ?


Sally Bo

Beautiful venue, amazing classes and an incredible teacher! Cannot rate Mantra Rooms highly enough ?


Becci Brisland
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