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Margaret Bligdon-Boyt

Holistic Psychotherapist

Editor in Chief- living quietly magazine

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I firmly believe that in order to heal and deal with any situation there needs to be a balance in mind, body and soul.  The way that we treat our bodies and manage our lifestyles contribute greatly to our mental wellness.  I know this to be true through my studies and more importantly through personal experience.

Balance is the foundation of my therapeutic process.

I absolutely do not believe that anyone is ever broken.  We are constantly changing, the world around us is changing.  Things will happen that shift the ground beneath us.  When trauma hits and we think that we are broken, we are in fact just trying to adapt to changes.  We are trying to find our balance on bumpy ground.  Often this will be a painful and frightening experience.  With the right help and support the process of therapy can be very empowering.  Helping us to grow and evolve through the trauma and although some pain can never be completely erased, we can learn to manage it and live our lives effectively.

I have an extensive toolbox to help you navigate these changes.  From traditional talk therapy and REBT to EMDT, nutritional advice, low impact exercise routines and lifestyle coaching.

I am your safe space, it is my job to stay open and present with you as you work through your trauma, to guide and support you as you evolve through the blockages that are stopping you from living your life to its fullest extent.

Therapy should be a positive experience.  My aim is to get you back onto solid ground as quickly as possible.  Prolonged therapy in most cases is not beneficial.  I want to help you to help yourself and to learn the skills that will allow you to deal with your current trauma and to navigate through future traumatic events.

Associate member of BPS
Further Accreditation by CTAA, CPD, School of Natural Sciences.

Brilliant Friday Yin practice, lovely fun atmosphere definitely recommended to round the week off”


Jonathan Searle

Felt out of my comfort zone when first arriving, but was eased into it at my own pace! Highly recommend”


Aaron Barnes-Wilding

I love this place. Not only is the Yoga AMAZING, so is the massage. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It is so friendly. It's truly a lovely place xx”


Amanda Parsons

Such a lush restorative yoga session... really helped to reset and reduce stress! Highly recommend ?‍♀️ ?”


Michelle Smith

Had my first Yin Yoga class this evening. Great way to unwind, and relax into the weekend.”


Richard Senior

Just did the Yoga with weight class and it was FAB! Really friendly vibe and uber cool venue. I'll be back ♡”


Carol Cashmore

Beautiful experience - unique and enchanting venue, Debbie is a brilliant yogini.”


Carolyn Neale

Excellent classes and friendly community.”


Michèle HaddonFacebook Review

Beautiful venue, amazing classes and an incredible teacher! Cannot rate Mantra Rooms highly enough ?


Sally Bo

Beautiful venue, amazing classes and an incredible teacher! Cannot rate Mantra Rooms highly enough ?


Becci Brisland
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