Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes Eastleigh

Yoga Classes in Eastleigh. Make your physical and mental health a priority.

We are a small space for yoga, bodywork (different massage techniques) and other well-being activities and talks in Chandlers Ford, near Eastleigh. Men and women of all ages and abilities are welcome to attend our yoga classes.

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All yoga classes are held at our massage and yoga studio

Descriptions of various classes…

One to One Yoga Training

If you don’t feel comfortable for whatever reason joining a group I can work with you independently to achieve your goals. Help clarify and deepen your yoga practice with one to one yoga sessions at Mantra Rooms or your home if you are unconfident of class situations, have an injury and want a restorative or breathing session.
Whether you want to:

  • Improve your breathing and flexibility
  • Become less stressed and promote relaxation
  • Become more flexible and toned
  • or improve general fitness

Our tailored sessions work for you. Massage treatment for your wellbeing can be included if required.

£30 – Studio Session for one to one
£40 – one to one session at your home

Pre-Yoga Classes

To get you yoga ready… although you are always ready in our opinion.

  • Yoga exercises and stretches to increase flexibility and reduce stiffness
  • Preparatory practice focusing on basic asana alignment and how it will benefit you
  • Breathing techniques to help relieve stress
  • To calm and energise you

Beginners Hatha Yoga Classes

(or returning after a long break)

  • Gentle yoga class
  • No fancy routines
  • Stretching and breathing

Senior Yoga Classes

All the benefits of our yoga classes at a slower pace.

Candlelight Yin Yoga Classes

Yin yoga is about working deeper and finding space within. It is a gentler practice allowing you to calm the mind and focus on your breath.
Props, cushions and bolsters are available to ease your journey.  Candlelight and beautiful music compliment this practice and ends with a short meditation.

Hot Yoga Classes

Designed to work all major muscles and feel like a sunshine day in India.  It’s a cardio workout to improve oxygen flow and detox through the skin.

Vini Yoga Classes

This approach is based on the idea that each individual is different with their own needs, goals and present conditions. Teachings are adapted to individuals to enable them to have their own journey to self-discovery.

Coming Soon…

Barre class
Singing for wellness
Managing menopause
Yoga for men
Drumming workshops
Meditation and mindfulness
Monthly meeting of minds talks and discussions.
Juicing for health
Life coaching
Theta healing